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Information & News covering Products, Services & Technologies to move-and-process produced oil and gas: Refining, gas processing, petrochemical manufacturing — plus associated product heating and cooling throughout midstream & downstream processes. 

Next-generation sulfur recovery tail gas analyzers aid Claus process

04/22/2015 Model 888 Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyzers are third-generation H2S/SO2 designs to address the ...

Fast-response portable hygrometers

04/20/2015 Easidew Plus Portable Hygrometers are on the market as "faster responding, lower priced, and...

Steam generation, waste heat recovery equipment, service, support

04/20/2015 Free literature is available from this steam generation equipment, services, and support manufact...

Fast-deploy strong construction mats

04/20/2015 GEOTERRA GTO construction mats deliver fast deployment to create temporary access roads, work pla...

Deviated, horizontal well pumping analysis via your directional survey

04/20/2015 Computerized analysis is available to aid deviated and horizontal well pumping - by reducing rod ...

Deep pipeline inspection tech

04/17/2015 Discovery ultra-deepwater pipeline inspection technology nonintrusively serves complex subsea flo...

Well pad communications hub = oilfield networking


Tropos 6420-XA mesh routers are introduced to "advance oilfield networking."

True wet gas compressors

04/17/2015 OneSubsea Multiphase Compressors have no requirements for an upstream separation facility or anti...

Soft seated needle valves

04/17/2015 Leak-free and bubbletight shutoff of such aggressive media as crude oil or natural gas is deliver...

Membranes improve hydrocarbon recovery

04/17/2015 This oil, gas, and water treatment specialist has partnered with Fujifilm to develop an enhanced ...

OGPE: Product of the day

A Cost-Effective Way to Develop Skid-Based Applications

Increasingly constrained budgets make it difficult to develop skid-based applications that yield a healthy profit for their developers. In this whi...
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Conco U-Tube Cleaning System

The fouling of U-Tube Heat Exchanger ID’s not only has a negative impact on heat transfer efficiency, but also may restrict the output or productio...
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Conco Fin Fan Mechanical Tube I.D. Cleaning and Bridging System

The fouling of Fin Fan Cooler Tube ID’s not only has a negative impact on heat transfer efficiency, but also may restrict the output or production ...
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Optimizing the Cleaning of Heat Exchangers

The proper performance of shell and tube type heat exchangers within a process can affect the cost of the final product, or even the production rat...
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Heat Exchanger Deposit Removal Using Pressurized Liquid Nitrogen

Pressurized liquid nitrogen (LN2) can be used as a highly effective means for completely and rapidly removing the most tenacious deposits encounter...
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Downstream Products

AMACS Mesh Mist Eliminators

AMACS offers a large variety of mesh materials, densities, and configurations to offer exact replacement-in-kind for virtually any existing mesh pad within days or to optimize your mist elimination application.

AMACS Bubble Cap Trays

While some engineers consider this technology obsolete, bubble cap trays still have several applications where they are the best fit for the job including applications like glycol dehydration columns.

Liquid/Liquid Coalescers

AMACS offers different types of coalescer media and has
solutions for even the most difficult to separate applications. For
new applications or for retrofits, AMACS can provide cost-effective

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