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Information & News covering Products, Services & Technologies to move-and-process produced oil and gas: Refining, gas processing, petrochemical manufacturing — plus associated product heating and cooling throughout midstream & downstream processes. 

Web-based, secure equipment, instrument health monitoring

04/23/2014 Bently Nevada System 1 Fleet Management delivers a single, secure access point to monitor equipme...

Static mixers made for viscosity, volume ratios


Kenics KMX-V Static Mixers serve fluids with extreme viscosity or volume ratios.

Free fuel handling products literature

04/16/2014 Hydrocarbon vessels, monitors, replacement cartridges, and fuel dispensing systems highlight this...

Explosionproof oil & gas part-turn actuators out


For oil and gas ball valve and butterfly automation are new SQEx .2 part-turn actuators.

Vapor recovery units

04/16/2014 A new line of vapor recovery units are introduced. They feature hermetically sealed Copeland Scro...

High-visibility safety mats

04/16/2014 SPC high visibility safety mats are highly absorbent with yellow caution color and printed messag...

ATEX-approved machinery protection

04/09/2014 API-670-compliant SETPOINT machinery protection systems are now approved for ATEX hazardous areas.

Transportable hydrocarbon dew-point analyzers available

04/09/2014 Condumax II Hydrocarbon Dew-Point Analyzers are now available in transportable designs to perform...

Self-monitoring AC-DC converters for oil, gas

04/09/2014 Demanding outdoor applications including oil and gas are handled by new self-monitoring AC-DC con...

Needle scalers deliver high-power/low vibration

04/02/2014 Trelawny Vibro-Lo VL needle scalers like this are low-vibration tools to remove coatings, corrosi...

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The Importance of Drying Compressed Air

Water in a compressed air distribution system can lead to critical problems such as rusted equipment, controls that stick, and downtime. Learn abou...

Drying Compressed Air in Hazardous Environments

Hazardous locations have or could potentially have high concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, combustible dusts, etc. A small spark can lead t...

A Secure Information Gateway

There is no better term around today that sums up the requirements for oil and gas drillers than two simple words: Real time. With millions, if no...
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A Secure Information Gateway

There is no better term around today that sums up the requirements for oil and gas drillers than two simple words: Real time. With millions, if ...
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The Next Generation of OPC is here and these are the basics you need to know

A new generation of OPC is upon us. This latest specification is a major step forward in both technology and capability. Called OPC-UA, it starts ...
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Downstream Products

AMACS Mesh Mist Eliminators

AMACS offers a large variety of mesh materials, densities, and configurations to offer exact replacement-in-kind for virtually any existing mesh pad within days or to optimize your mist elimination application.

AMACS Bubble Cap Trays

While some engineers consider this technology obsolete, bubble cap trays still have several applications where they are the best fit for the job including applications like glycol dehydration columns.

Liquid/Liquid Coalescers

AMACS offers different types of coalescer media and has
solutions for even the most difficult to separate applications. For
new applications or for retrofits, AMACS can provide cost-effective

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