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Low-speed, high-torque radial piston motors


Hydre-MAC radial piston motors are low-speed, high-torque direct drive models.

Railcar access platforms customize to any size job


GREEN Railcar Access Platforms can be customized to meet any size operation - big or small.

Perfluoroplastic resin has 300°C. UL rating


Underwriters Laboratory has certified DuPont ECCtreme ECA 3000 perfluoroplastic resin with a 300°C. rating for a minimum-thickness of 0.75 mm (and above).

224-page steam fluids flow measuring catalog


"Flow Measurement Catalog: First for Steam Solutions" is this free 224-page, 8th edition for steam and related fluids. and supervised process.

New shield protects against high pressure gauge leaks


New Safe View Shields are for use on armored glass liquid level gages. They safeguard nearby operators from high pressure leaks - a rare but potentially dangerous situation.

O&G adhesives, sealants, functional coatings data


Loctite & Bonderite Oil & Gas Field Assembly Solutions Guide LT-6802 is free.

New tool improves, makes safer walking/mobile gas leak surveys


Improve and make safe walking / mobile gas leak surveys with new Detecto Pak-Infrared DP-IR.

Storage-terminal-applicable centrifugal pump


811 Series ANSI Centrifugal Pumps are specifically engineered to serve storage terminal applications.

Non-sparking torque wrenches


Non-sparking torque wrenches are unveiled with copper-beryllium to eliminate spark risks where explosive atmospheres may be present.

RTUs automate single well operation - to entire wellpad


Totalflow XRC Remote Terminal Unit automates operations of a single well, or an entire wellpad.

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