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Mobile temporary liquid storage tanks available


HydroTec MB mobile temporary storage tanks meet exploration company needs for above-ground temporary liquid storage.

High, low pressure leak detection for pipelines


ELBS-20 electronic pipeline monitoring systems are announced for high and low-pressure environments.

Pipeline pumps for LACT unit operation


NETZSCH Pipeline Pumps ensure efficient, reliable LACT unit operation in harsh conditions.

155-MBTU/hr direct-fired radiant heat


HDR 155 direct-fired radiant heaters are unaffected by the elements so heat is easily directed exactly where needed.

New pressure-reducing regulators


PGR Pressure-Reducing Regulators are newly introduced in five different body sizes as high accuracy, pressure loaded, pilot-operated designs.

Open board digital temp controllers


5R7-570(A) open board electronic temperature controllers are RoHS compliant with a proportional integral control algorithm to provide precise control to thermoelectric modules (Peltier).

PEEK-based seals qualified as backup ring in downhole drilling application


Meldin 5000 seals have been selected for packing kit backup rings for a downhole drilling application.

Redesigned, improved thermal mass flow meter and temp transmitter


Redesigned, improved, and more robust FT2A Thermal Mass Flow Meter & Temperature Transmitter is on the market for harsh industrial environments including oil and gas.

Level, flow, pressure, temp NEMA 4X field-mount meters out


Vantageview NEMA 4X field-mounted meters are on the market for demanding, wet or dirty-environment applications that do not require agency approvals.

Rotary lobe pump design has 'service-in-place' metal lobe + replaceable liner


TORNADO T2 rotary lobe pumps reverse the entire materials concept of conventional designs by comprising a metal lobe with a replaceable rubber liner - more like progressive cavity configurations.

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