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Liquid-liquid separation centrifuge


Real-time immiscible liquids separation is accomplished with this new line of Hybrid Centrifuges.

Abrasive blasting production monitoring


Blastmaster Smart Box Production Management Systems are on the market for mobile and fixed location surface preparation.

Offshore water injection dissolved oxygen noted


Accurately measure dissolved oxygen for offshore water injection and EOR applications with 4401 OXY Optical Oxygen Analyzers.

Mobile temporary liquid storage tanks available


HydroTec MB mobile temporary storage tanks meet exploration company needs for above-ground temporary liquid storage.

High, low pressure leak detection for pipelines


ELBS-20 electronic pipeline monitoring systems are announced for high and low-pressure environments.

Pipeline pumps for LACT unit operation


NETZSCH Pipeline Pumps ensure efficient, reliable LACT unit operation in harsh conditions.

155-MBTU/hr direct-fired radiant heat


HDR 155 direct-fired radiant heaters are unaffected by the elements so heat is easily directed exactly where needed.

New pressure-reducing regulators


PGR Pressure-Reducing Regulators are newly introduced in five different body sizes as high accuracy, pressure loaded, pilot-operated designs.

Open board digital temp controllers


5R7-570(A) open board electronic temperature controllers are RoHS compliant with a proportional integral control algorithm to provide precise control to thermoelectric modules (Peltier).

PEEK-based seals qualified as backup ring in downhole drilling application


Meldin 5000 seals have been selected for packing kit backup rings for a downhole drilling application.

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