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Explosionproof, multi-purpose Modbus scanners


ProtEx PD6830X Modbus Scanners are rugged, explosionproof NEMA 4X / IP68 master slave, or snooper (sniffer) designs.

Fabric buildings comprise structural steel beams, not open web trusses


Fabric buildings like this are announced as the "first to incorporate structural steel beams instead of open web trusses."

Covers protect midstream equipment


Industrial wrap and large equipment shrink material deliver protective cover to refining, petrochemical, or gas processing equipment.

Quick, secure hose connections


Fast and secure 8, 10, and 12-in.-diameter hose connections are delivered by HTPB (2BX) three-lug super Storz couplings and two-bolt collar.

Reducing Capital Costs Using Rate-Based Modeling for Acid Gas and Mercaptan Removal from Natural Gas with Hybrid Solvents


Simulation modeling of the removal of various impurities from natural gas streams is a proven means of reducing design, renovation and operating capital costs significantly at natural gas processing plants of all sizes.

High-spec turbo-expander triple eccentric butterfly valves introduced


Turbo-expander-applicable Tri-X triple eccentric butterfly valves have expanded this manufacturer's high-specification product range for oil and gas.

Sustainable solutions for CO2 compression

12/05/2014 Man-made CO2 has raised the level of atmospheric CO2 significantly beyond historic levels. The scientific community notes a direct correlation between atmospheric concentrations of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, and increasing average global temp...

Cooling fan new for explosive environs, 200,000 hr operation


MIL-901XP cooling fans are on the market for use in explosive indoor or outdoor environments.

High-pressure gas pipeline actuators


HPG range direct high-pressure gas actuators serve natural gas pipelines.

Ethernet connectivity option for fire-and-gas-safety system controller


Eagle Quantum Premier (EQP) fire-and-gas-safety controller now has an Ethernet/Modbus TCP/IP interface board option to communicate with other devices on the Ethernet Local Aera Network.

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Calbond - An Inside Look at Products and Processes

Calbond offers a complete line of PVC coated conduit, fittings and accessories for the protection of electrical conduit systems in highly corrosive environments. Take an inside look at our modern manufacturing facility right here in the USA.

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