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Air curtains made for hazardous refining, petrochem applications


HL Air Curtains are for petrochemical and chemical facilities or refineries.

Standardized power distribution panel control and monitoring


A new range of standardized control and monitoring power distribution panels are now on the market.

Bidirectional flow, pressure controller for into/out of process


You can manage flow both into and out of a process with new MCD-Series dual-valve mass flow controllers.

Turbocompressors developed, new impeller for coking plants


STC-SOL Turbocompressors are continuing to be developed for coking applications.

Portable chromatograph determines natural gas BTU energy content


Chandler Engineering Model 292B port-able natural gas chromatographs determine natural gas British Thermal Unit energy content.

Remote access to portable toxic gas data collection meters


Gray WolfLive remote, cloud-based access and control for this manufacturer' WiFi-enabled toxic gas meters is now available.

H2S, sour gas resisting air filter regulators


Type-310 NACE Air Filter Regulators are on the market to withstand hydrogen sulfide or sour gas environments.

Electronics adhesives, sealants, coatings catalog


Epoxy, silicone, polyurethane, silicate-based and light curing compounds are presented in this free 32-page catalog for electronic industry applications.

Oxygen analyzers are new, compact to note content to better than 1% of span


XZR200 Oxygen Analyzers are on the market to measure percent oxygen content to better than 1% of span.

Oil-free air compressors info


PAP Plus EH centrifugal compressors are illustrated and described for a broad range of industrial air, engineered air, and air separation applications in oil, gas, petrochemical, refining, gas transmission, and liquefied natural gas.

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