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Gas detection guide defines, highlights portable products


This free 36-Page Guide to Portable Gas Detection not only presents a full line of applicable products - it is a "basic introduction to gas detection technology, measuring principles, and safety concerns."

Tank overfill prevention: API RP 2350


Level instruments for tank overfill prevention with API RP 2350 information - is yours in this free eight-page brochure.

Pressure transmitters use 5,000% less energy than other MVTs


JT400 MultiVariable Pressure Transmitters are newly introduced and declared to "use 5,000% less energy than traditional MVTs.

Liquid-from-gas removing coalescer filter systems data


High efficiency liquid coalescence of gas streams are presented as achieved in this free single-cartridge housing coalescer filter systems brochure.

Fluid flow analysis software data


PIPENET dynamic and steady state fluid flow analysis software is illustratred and described in this free brochure.

Explosionproof enclosures, electrical systems online catalog


This free 160-page Online explosionproof enclosures and electrical systems catalog is now available.

New slurry pumps handle high volumes


Transport high volumes of abrasive slurry with new Wirth triplex double acting piston diaphragm pumps.

Automated 3-piece NPT stainless steel ball valves


New WE02 automated three-piece NPT stainless steel ball valves are on the market with full port for outstanding flow rates - with minimal pressure drop.

Waste water treating is without the waste


ENVIRO-CLEAN Metal Recovery & Water Recycling Process is announced to cut water bills in half and to treat waste water - without the waste.

Four NIR spectrometers serve field and lab uses


LF-Series NIR spectrometers are offered in four designs for lab or field duties.

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