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Technologies increase refinery burner efficiency, cut pollutant emissions


Electrodynamic Combustion Control and Duplex Burner Architecture are available to increase refinery burner efficiency plus cut pollutant emissions.

ProSep's ProSalt system produces impressive results for Saudi Aramco

08/05/2014 Oil, gas and water process separation specialist ProSep's ProSaltâ„¢ technology brings great operational benefits by delivering 1) vastly reduced fresh water consumption, 2) improved dehydration performance, 3) lower pressure drop and 4) less oil in...

Environmental air & water treatment


Three major air and water treatment solutions are presented and depicted with on-site photos in this free datasheet.

Double block and bleed plug valves


DuraSeal double block and bleed plug valves are cited in this free 14-page brochure to deliver "bubbletight, fire-safety sealing integrity and the ability to double block and bleed from a single valve."

Emissions management, water treatment services


Petroleum, petrochemical, and energy emissions management and water treatment services are offered by this company and subject of its free brochure.

API 650 multi-use manways brochure


The Twister Manway is presented in this free brochure as manually adjustable and engineered for any manway to API 650.

Multi-midstream-applicable thermal mass flow meter and temperature transmitter


Any pure or mixed gas applications are accommodated by FT3 Thermal Mass Flow Meter & Temperature Transmitters like these - including refineries, petrochemcal plants, or natural gas gathering/processing.

Bearingless digital torquemeters info


MCRT 84000 V & MCRT 85000 V bearingless digital torquemeters highlight this four-page brochure to have "widest installed measurement bandwidth and fastest installed response."

Liquid-from-gas-removing coalescers


Multi-housing coalescer filter systems are presented in this free brochure to remove liquid from gas.

Total hydrocarbon analyzer newly unveiled


Continuously measure hydrocarbons concentrations with this new Series 2300 total hydrocarbon analyzer.

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