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Latest Petroleum Product Updates...Must See!

XRF spectrometer = fast lab-quality at-line elemental analysis, is new

New portable SPECTROSCOUT X-ray fluorescence spectrometer "brings laboratory-quality elemental composition monitoring and quality control testing to at-line analysis."

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Must-see Products & Services

Don't miss these eight outstanding oil and gas equipment and free literature in latest OG&PE issue.

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API 610 vertical sulfur pumps

Specifically designed for oil and gas operations are VS4 API 610 vertical sulfur pumps.

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Editor's Picks

Filtration/Separation products/services


Sixteen pages of filtration and separation products and services highlight this free brochure for offshore exploration and production, gas processing and transmission, refinery and petrochemical, or power generation.

Next-gen 'intelligent' fixed-point gas detectors introduced


XgardIQ intelligent gas detectors and transmitters are available fitted with a variety of flammable, toxic, or oxygen gas sensors.

Active harmonic filters for variable frequency-motor drives


Oil and gas variable frequency-motor drives that control pumps and motors are served by active harmonic filters systems like this.

Mobile entity tracking & analysis system = 360° unbiased operation transparency

08/18/2015 Newly patented ARsite Mobile Entity Tracking and Analysis System "provides the oil and gas industry the revolutionary ability to virtually realize 360° unbiased operational transparency in both real-time and retrospectively for analysis....

Optical gas imaging cameras serve constant fugitive emissions monitoring


Continuous fugitive emissions monitoring at petrochem, oil, and gas facilities or offshore platforms and rigs is provided by new EyeCGas FX optical gas imaging cameras.

10-year LED marine lighting for hazards


LED Marine Lighting solutions are newly available for rigs, offshore facilities, petroleum locations, and other marine environments.

New pipe wrench head made to give more torque flexibility


"Greater flexibility than would be possible with a standard pipe wrench," is how this company announces its new pipe wrench head adapter.

Ethernet switches = FastEthernet data rates up to 100 Mbps, Ethernet/IP support


Scalance XB-200 Industrial Ethernet Switches deliver FastEthernet data rates to 100 Mbps and support Ethernet/IP standard.

Intrinsically safe VOC monitors


Tiger handheld volatile organic compound monitors are introduced as entry-level photoionization detection designs.

Torque specialties made 'engineer to order' for tests, as multipliers


This free "Engineer To Order" brochure highlights this company's ability to design and manufacture special torque-oriented equipment to serve valve actuator and valve testing.

Firmware upgrade for vibration tester


Fluke 810 Vibration Testers now have a free firmware upgrade to help maintenance teams more quickly identify and prioritize mechanical problems.

Organic coconut absorbent = fast, safe hazardous liquid spills cleanup


SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent is now available in the United States and Canada.

High-production and onsite CNC counterboring service


On-site high-speed deep counterboring service from Tri Tool is shown and described in this free datasheet.

Adhesive/sealant = high bond strength, cryogenic serviceability


Supreme 10HTF-1 single-part adhesive/sealant serves a variety of applications. At room temperature, the smooth paste system has an 'unlimited' working life plus cures rapidly at elevated temperatures (4K to +400°F.)

New UPS combines ferroresonant topology w/ digital communications


Introduced at OTC 2015: DSE Uninterruptible Power Systems "combine the best of both worlds - ferroresonant technology with digital communications."

Pressure-independent chemical injection systems


SkoFlo technology and valves accomplish pressure-independent chemical injection declares this free six-page pamphlet.

Tracking gangways 'smooth' tank truck, railcar loading operations


Heavy-duty tracking gangways are designed to provide smoother tank truck and railcar loading operations.

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