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Editor's Picks

Wireless, wired fixed, transportable gas detection certified to cCSAUS


Site Sentinel combustible and toxic gas detectors are now fully certified to North American hazardous-area approval requirements.

Ultrasonic sensors are new photoelectrics alternatives


The NextGen sensors portfolio is newly expanded with the new U500 series ultrasonic sensors.

Fall-from-height rescue aiding harnesses offered


New Personal Rescue Device is announced to allow you to "conduct your own rescue immediately after a fall from height has been arrested."

Low differential pressure transmitters


Rangeable, very low differential PX2600 pressure transmitters output either static (gage) pressure or differential pressure.

Nonspark, no-corrode pneumatic machine chisels


Multi-purpose pneumatic machine chisels are non-sparking non-magnetic, plus corrosion resistant.

Grating, deck plate pipe penetrations encircled


Toeboard links like this effectively encircle pipe penetrations in grating and deck plate.

Explosionproof enclosures, electrical systems: 2-day to 10-15-day shipping


Fifteen sizes of explosionproof enclosures and electrical systems are now available in an accelerated shipping program.

On-site oily water and solids treatment combo


ENVIRO-SEP Combination Unit delivers oily water and solids treatment on-site and portably.

Self-retracting lifelines meet, exceed rig working-at-height requirements


ManSafe Self-Retracting Lifelines are designed to meet and exceed working-at-height rig requirements - in a broad range of lengths, webbing, and cable.

Rigging, crating give safe, secure heavy equipment shipping


Safe and secure heavy oil and gas equipment shipping is this company's specialty.

Category A emergency breathing systems ok'd for North Sea workers


This Cat A EBS is announced as the "first Category A Emergency Breathing System." Its development was one of the requirements of Civil Aviation Authority review held following the fatal helicopter crash off Shetland in 2013.

Device delivers SCADA modem, RTU, alarm callout functionality


SCADALink SAT100 satellite-based devices are announced to deliver modem, RTU, and alarm callout functionality.

Non-drip, one-component silicone resists high temp


MasterSil 705TC non-drip, one-component silicone is convenient to use: paste consistency that doesn't require mixing, 7-min set up, plus noncorrosive cure at room temperature when exposed to atmospheric humidity.

Angle grinders, sanders for pipelines, refineries


Compact-designed CP3650 angle grinders and sanders are announced for aggressive uses in confined areas at oil and gas pipelines or in refinery equipment repair.

15th edition steam solutions mechanical product book is free


To address the entire steam and condensate loop is new and free 15th Edition Steam Mechanical Product Handbook.

Gateways line expands, serves oil, gas data transfer, wellhead SCADA


PLX30 gateways are now available with two separate Ethernet ports to allow protocols to reside on separate subnets. This enables information passage between two subnets without changing end device IP address.

Oil-site-securing portable security gates


Keep unauthorized vehicles off your well sites with "HUG" Heavy Utility Gates.

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