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Latest Petroleum Product Updates...Must See!

Anti-crevice corrosion pipe clamps

ACT (anti-corrosion) Pipe Clamps are thoroughly presented in this free literature for "efficient prevention of crevice corrosion under pipe clamps on stainless steel pipework."

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OG&PE Merges with Oil & Gas Journal

PennWell Corporation, a diversified global media and information company, announced today that it will publish Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment (OG&PE) as part of its Oil & Gas Journal beginning in May to serve a consolidated audien... Read me>>

Enclosures, climate control, power distribution brochure

How this leading industrial enclosures manufacturer will support next-generation high-tech oil and gas is illustrated and described in this free brochure.

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Must-see Products & Services

Don't miss these eight outstanding oil and gas equipment and free literature in latest OG&PE issue.

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Editor's Picks

New UPS combines ferroresonant topology w/ digital communications


Introduced at OTC 2015: DSE Uninterruptible Power Systems "combine the best of both worlds - ferroresonant technology with digital communications."

Pressure-independent chemical injection systems


SkoFlo technology and valves accomplish pressure-independent chemical injection declares this free six-page pamphlet.

Tracking gangways 'smooth' tank truck, railcar loading operations


Heavy-duty tracking gangways are designed to provide smoother tank truck and railcar loading operations.

Free Oil & Gas hand protection info


ORHD Knit CR5 gloves highlight this free datasheet to reduce risks on rigs via CE level 5 cut resistance and critical impact protection.

API 541 5th Edition induction motors


Siemens Above NEMA induction motors are available to 541 5th edition common performance standards set forth by API.

Sample bottle cap-on-caps prevent escape of process fluids or gases


Sentry No-E Double Caps are newly introduced to ensure process fluids and gases cannot escape.

30-year outdoor-durable aluminum bar code labels


Metalphoto anodized aluminum bar code labels serve numerous petroleum applications. These include tracking predictive maintenance, regulatory reporting, and LDAR tracking.

Line-of-sight gas detectors, technology unveiled


New FlexSight LS2000 Line-of-Sight infrared gas detectors are available with improved optical field of view, advanced housing design, simplified mount, and "breakthrough alignment tolerance."

Cameras monitor refinery, petrochem burner functions


Effective, safe visual inspection of fired hea ter / process heater function and performance are achieved by Fired Heater Camera Systems.

Accurate 0.05 to 20% H2 analyzers


HY-OPTIMA 2710 hydrogen analyzers are specifically designed to deliver high accuracy measurement over 0.05% to 20% H2 by volume at 1.0 atm.

Intrinsically safe liquid level indicator


ULLC2001 ultrasonic liquid level comparators are announced as the first type for fixed fire protection systems to check levels of fire extinguishing media. They are intrinsically safe.

Avoid petrochem coupling accidental disconnects


LQC Transfer Loading Safety Quick Couplings are new to automatically prevent accidental disconnects when pressure in in a line.

Vapour pressure measured with laser


Test crude oil, gasoline, LNG condensate, or liquefied petroleum gas with this Vapour Pressure Analyser which employs laser measurement technology.

Microfiber evaporative cooling towels


The Chill-Its cooling work gear line has just added this 6602MF evaporative microfiber cooling towel.

Corrosion resistant drench shower, eye/face wash station


Bradley S19-310 PVC combination drench shower and eye/face wash units like this are corrosion resistant.

Back-up/restore aids legacy oil, gas equipment


SCSI-Flash CF drive has new Ethernet-based back-up and restore capability to "future-proof" storage systems on critical legacy oil and gas equipment.

Engineered polymers: Enhancing operations within offshore oil and gas


The offshore industry is beset by challenges, harsh environment, weight penalties, and difficult maintenance situations.

Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment

Volume 61, Issue 7

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