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Editor's Picks

15th edition steam solutions mechanical product book is free


To address the entire steam and condensate loop is new and free 15th Edition Steam Mechanical Product Handbook.

Gateways line expands, serves oil, gas data transfer, wellhead SCADA


PLX30 gateways are now available with two separate Ethernet ports to allow protocols to reside on separate subnets. This enables information passage between two subnets without changing end device IP address.

Oil-site-securing portable security gates


Keep unauthorized vehicles off your well sites with "HUG" Heavy Utility Gates.

'Smart' water discharge system helps prevent exceeding regulations


Enviro-Process Smart Water Discharge Systems are developed to operate "on the premise that discharge exceeding government regulations is preventable."

Ultrasonic sensors are new photoelectrics alternatives


The NextGen sensors portfolio is newly expanded with the new U500 series ultrasonic sensors.

Ethernet switch meets IEC for electrical substation automation


PowerTrans PT-7528 Ethernet switch is newly announced as the "first to meet IEC requirements for electrical substation automation."

Chock liners enable LNG carrier mooring line fiber rope alternative


Patented low friction chock liners help make HMPE fiber rope a safe mooring line alternative for LNG carriers.

Risk-based, mobile inspection software


Optimized inspections are declared accomplished via Vantage risk-based and mobile software.

Flammable liquid storage containers


New JOBOX safety cabinets and cans are announced to deliver "superior fire resistance."

Hazardous areas guide is new, free


Guide for Hazardous Areas is now available as a free download.

New ultrasonic thickness gauge for one-side uses


Accurately measure internally corroded or eroded metal pipes and structures from one side with 27MG ultrasonic thickness gage.

128-page low voltage electric motors guide updated, available free


Just updated and yours free, this Low Voltage Electric Motors Guide with 128 pages.

Tank design, construction, repair


The four free pages of this brochure highlight one company's tank design, construction and repair capabilities - for more than 25 years.

Rotary tight shut-off valves brochure


Type MAK rotary tight shut-off valves are described, diagrammed, and illustrated in this free brochure for refining, petrochemical, chemical, liquefied natural gas, and power generation.

Digital indicators, controllers catalog


This free 44-page digital indicators and controllers catalog highlights flow, level, temperature, and pressure-applicable designs.

Explosionproof electrical products


Ten explosionproof electrical product lines are described and illustrated in this free eight-page brochure.

Services keep production flowing


"Keep Production Flowing," this free brochure, highlights a full range of hydrokinetics, offshore services, tank cleaning, and disaster services.

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Volume 60, Issue 8

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