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Editor's Picks

Seals, bearings made for petrochem


Axial & Radial Seal Components are for severe service conditions including petrochemical.

Extended capabilities pressure calibrators


Extended range and functionality are offered in this new HPC40 pressure calibrator.

Ex inspection & registration software


"More satisfactory Ex inspection and registration" are provided by newly developed SafeEx software.

Electronic thermostat serves heat tracing


Raychem ETS-05 thermostats deliver accurate temperature control and monitoring for heat-tracing.

New full HD 1080p IP zoom cameras


Without a cooling fan, new VPort 56-2MP full HD IP zoom cameras operate over -40° to +167°F.

Strong optically clear low viscosity epoxy


EP62-1LPSP optically clear, low viscosity epoxy is formulated to bond, seal, coat, and encapsulate.

New workplace portable breath alcohol tester management software


AlcoMark Breath Alcohol Testing Management Software with remote diagnostics helps isolate an individual record, series of events, or looks for trends across an entire fleet of breath centers.

I.S. LED inspection lights


HazLoc LED inspection lights are intrinsically safe plus provide 10 hr run time via nickel metal hydride battery.

Tactical lockers are rugged, heavy gauge


On the market "to serve and to last" are Patriot Turnout Lockers with many upgraded accessories.

Filters tested to current NFPA specs


For very high-pressure cyclic oil and gas duties, this manufacturer's CTF60 and HS60 filters are always tested to the most up-to-date NFPA standards prior to release - with rated fatigue pressure to 6,000 psi.

Directed energy technology for small-bore, high-speed engines


CD200EVS ignition systems are high-energy VariSpark-based digital designs for 1 to 16-cylinder industrial gas engines.

Cartridges turn butterfly valves into control valves

02/12/2015 "Shark Series" Control Cartridges are announced "to turn butterfly valves into control valves with exceptionally good control characteristics, while maintaining their Class IV, V, or VI metal-to-metal, fire-safe shut-off."

On-site air, soil, water VOC trace levels analyzer


FROG-4000 is rugged and portable to on-site-analyze trace individual volatile organic compound levels in air soil, or water.

Energy industry strategic advisors data


This information folder presents one company as strategic advisors to energy industries including pipeline operators.

New safety life jackets feature removable cover


Seacrewsader 290N 3D life jackets are now on the market to protect oil and gas workers - when abandonment is a very real possibility.

Peel-stick aluminum ceramic non skid


Silvagrip Non-Skid is aluminum ceramic non skid peel and stick for a variety of applications include offshore platform decks.

FR/Arc kits also resist fierce weather conditions


Protection from Arc Flash and fierce weather are delivered by new FR/Arc Kits.

Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment

Volume 61, Issue 3

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