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Editors Pick

New surface logging technologies cut well data sample / view time

05/15/2013 Two new surface logging technologies: Dual Flame Ionized Detection (Dual FID) technology high-speed chromatograph and Live Logging real-time cloud-based system are announced to "dramatically cut the time it takes to sample and view well data....

MOLLE vests, pouch distribute worker tools, equipment, gear


New 5510 MOLLE (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) Vests ergonomically carry worker tools and equipment using the Arsenal Modular Pouch System. They allow customized distribution of tools and gear across a worker's upper body.

High-head 6-in. portable pumps for fracing


A number of high-pressure applications are served by this new 6JCC pump: water supply for hydraulic fracturing, tank cleaning, fire protection, clear water jetting, water boosting, wellpoint installation, or washdowns.

Intrinsically safe multimeter for oil, gas duties


Fluke® 28 II Ex rugged, intrinsically safe digital multimeter measures both inside and outside hazardous zones without compromised performance.

New web-based software tool collects transmits field data


New FieldCap web-based software tool makes it easier for oilfield service companies to collect and transmit operational data from the field.

Desiccants are ecological alternatives to TEG dehydrators


GasDry desiccants are declared in many natural gas dehydration applications - alternatives to TEG dehydrators.

30,000 open-close operations, 5-year warranty Magnetic latching medium-voltage breakers


MagVac Latching Medium-Voltage Breakers are guaranteed for 30,000 open-close operations - with a 5-year warranty.

Backflushing filters remove process water contaminants


AutoFilt RF3 Automatic Backflushing Filters remove process water system particulate contaminants.

New gaskets launched to note company's 100th anniversary


Change gaskets are launched to celebrate their manufacturer's centennial.

Small, self-contained satellite tracking devices


New GSatMicro powered by GSatTrack.com is on the market as "the smallest self-contained satellite tracking device that can track and monitor any asset anywhere in the world, utilizing the Iridium network."

Communications platforms cited to connect disparate automation devices, systems


KEPServerEX Communications Platform is presented in this free brochure to "connect disparate automation devices and systems."

Coriolis flow and density meters configuration, diagnostic tool

02/06/2013 Micro Motion ProLink III Transmitter Configuration Tool is announced for the manufacturer’s flow and density meters.

Tool monitors well integrity, locates leaks, monitors flow

02/06/2013 Leakator locates leaks and monitors downhole flow for well integrity.

Dew-point transmitters now have 3/4-in. UNF thread connections


Industry-standard 3/4-in. UNF thread process connections are now available on Easidew Dew-Point Transmitters.

High-specification valves


AMPO POYAM VALVES recently exhibited one of the largest cryogenic ball valves ever installed in an LNG plant: 36x30-in., 600 lb.

Nanoceramic particle grease for heavy equipment continuous lubrication


Heavy equipment steel surfaces receive continuous lubrication with DAYlube grease.

Accelerated oil, gas file transfer


FileCatalyst Direct accelerated file transfer is a point-to-point design to handle large data volumes.

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