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Latest OG&PE Articles

Pump station pressure control via rotary actuator + dual booster pumps


Rotary Electraulic Actuator with dual booster pumps will be installed to control pump station pressure along a petroleum pipeline.

Real-time frac monitoring and analysis system unveiled


Newly developed FracRight hydraulic fracturing systems deliver real-time monitoring and analysis. Integrated with their maker's real-time DTS monitoring and Quest software, it collects and analyzes stimulation data in unconventional reservoirs.

Free cleaning, leak detection, eddy current testing data


Industrial Services: heat exchanger tube cleaning, air-cooled condenser cleaning, eddy current and remote field testing, and tracer gas leak detection highlight this free 30 page brochure.

Refining radiometric measurements


"Product Applications for the Oil Refining Industry," is this free four-page brochure on noncontacting, nonintrusive radiometric gauges.

Freestanding stainless enclosures


TS 8 Freestanding Enclosures are on the market for harsh oil and gas environments.

Flame-resistant garments made for men, women


Lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking TECGEN coveralls, shirts, and jeans for men and women are on the market in expanded ranges.

Saltwater disposal offload, transfer centrifugal pumps


Triton centrifugal screw pumps are designed to pump oilfield produced water - specifically saltwater disposal offload and transfer.

O&G adhesive, sealant, coating data


Oil and gas production, pipeline, refining, and petrochemical manufacturing-applicable adhesives, sealants, and coatings are presented in this new and free 16-page brochure.

Multi-hazard-protection-fabric FR clothing line unveiled


A new line of flame-resistant clothing is out made of DuPont Nomex MHP multi-hazard protection fabric.

Fall-from-height rescue aiding harnesses offered


New Personal Rescue Device is announced to allow you to "conduct your own rescue immediately after a fall from height has been arrested."

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