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Coriolis flow meters for midstream


A new 3-in. Coriolis flow meter is added to the TCM series. It is for midstream applications.

Spectrometers designed for steels inspection to aid API compliance


Belec Compact Port Mobile Spectrometers accomplish inspections relevant to API compliance.

Connectivity solution: fast, reliable, flexible oil & gas communications


QuickSkid connectivity solution is announced to "enable faster, more reliable, and flexible communications for the oil and gas industry."

Cell-based surveillance cameras for remote oil, gas site security monitor


Remote oil and gas construction site security monitoring is achieved with Eye Trax Ranger Cameras.

100% flame, heat protection coveralls are of breathable cotton


SEAVIEW FR 100% Cotton Zip Coveralls like these comprise lightweight 7.5-oz breathable cotton twill.

Power shift transmission serves oil well stimulation


"Designed to outclass the competition for use in triplex and quintuplex pressure piston gas and oil well stimulation," is new TA90-7601 power shift transmission.

Hacksaw with self-feeding pipe clamp


Model 5 1212 0010 portable pneumatic hacksaws deliver 2 3/8-in. blade stroke to cut 30-in.-diameter pipe at 90° in one pass.

Sparkless pumps prevent well fires


H2H Pump is on the market to prevent explosions and well fires during bolting operations.

150-page environmental monitoring catalog is free


Free New Horizons in Environmental Monitoring Catalog offers 150 pages on related products.

Valve approved for LNG carriers

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