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Double block-bleed expanding plug valves maker, distributor

07/01/2010 ACCUSEAL expanding plug valves are showcased in a free 20-page catalog, offered by this manufacturer and distributor of double block and bleed expanding plug valves for offshore and onshore fueling, metering, transfer, and isolation applications.

Petroleum-handling valves data


Petroleum handling and aviation fueling valves are described and shown in this free eight-page brochure.

Construction, maintenance, repair service contractor info


This free eight-page brochure highlights this company as a full service, single source, turnkey contractor that provides construction, repair, and maintenance services.

Flashproof magnetic liquid level indicators out

07/01/2010 Jerguson Magnicator II flashproof magnetic-liquid level gages are unveiled to “feature a unique design that addresses two serious problems that can be encountered with standard level indicators: boiling fluids and flashing vapors.”

PVC filter monitors check filter media condition


Check filtration equipment media health for water and corrosive liquids with this new PVC filter monitor.

High-pressure-class, small-size intelligent control valves offered


Neles RotaryGlobe iCV intelligent control valves now come in high-pressure classes and small sizes: ASME #900 to #1500 and 1 to 4 in.

New gas flow sensor technology integrated into analyzers


New Flowcube sensor technology addresses current limitations in gas flow measurement. It can be integrated into SERVOTOUGH Oxy oxygen analyzers.

Petrochem, process, power float sensors out


New PRX+1660 liquid level sensors are now on the market. These liquid level monitoring float sensors serve numerous applications including petrochemical, processing, and power generation, announces their maker.

Modbus terminals for liquid level transmitters


A new line of Modbus terminals are out to accompany Level Plus Model MG liquid level transmitters. They include touchscreen terminals as well as LCD versions.

New wastewater treatment division for oil, gas pipelines

07/01/2010 This integrated drilling, production, pipeline, construction, and process services provider, announces its new Wastewater Treatment Division. It specializes in portable wastewater treatment equipment and services for oil and gas pipelines.

Instruments and Support Products

9201EW Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Thermostatic mixing valve mixes hot and cold water to supply tempered water to emergency eye/face wash fixtures requiring flow up to 10 GPM (37.9 LPM). CSA Certified to ASSE.

8710 Decontamination Booth

Heated eye/face wash and shower booth supplies tempered water for flushing during emergency situations in all-weather conditions. Includes AXION MSR™ eye/face wash and showerhead, drench hose assembly, and alarm system.

8780 Skid-Mounted Tempering System

Tempering system designed to supply tempered water to either showers or eyewashes. Comes equipped with a water heater and mixing valve for installation in non-freezing environments.

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