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New all-in-one torque testers and accurate transducers out


Regularly scheduled torque wrench calibration checks are accommodated by this new stand-alone Torque Tester and high-accuracy transducers.

New division provides refining, petrochem corrosion inhibitor programs, engineering services


Refining and petrochemical operations are offered chemical treatment programs and engineering services by this newly formed chemical division.

Walkdown helps check valves


Systematically check valve conditions to improve plant efficiency and safety with a new Walkdown inspection program.

All-in-one signal / read / control


In one small, rugged design, this GC35 digital pressure sensor delivers remote signaling, local reading, and pressure control.

New flow rate totalizer unveiled


With this new RT20 Rate Totaliser you can compute and display flow rates and totals from flowmeters with pulse, sine wave, or frequency inputs.

Variable area flowmeters offered


Flow measurement for most process gases and liquids is delivered by a range of Series 630, 1000, 1200, 1750, and 3000 variable area flowmeters.

New compensated-geometry propagation resistivity tools introduced


Logging-while-drilling and measurements-after-drilling services in all well types are handled by newly released WPR wave propagation resistivity tools.

Free 50-page drill pipe, collars catalog


This free 50-page catalog illustrates, describes, and specifies a complete line of drill pipes, heavy-weight drill pipes, and drill collars.

New business for pipe fabricators formed


Weldwide Solutions Limited is newly formed to provide the pipe fabrication industry with a wide range of products and technical support.

New pressure data loggers out


With large, backlit LCD display, new OM-CP-PR2000 pressure data loggers are now on the market.

Instruments and Support Products

9201EW Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Thermostatic mixing valve mixes hot and cold water to supply tempered water to emergency eye/face wash fixtures requiring flow up to 10 GPM (37.9 LPM). CSA Certified to ASSE.

8710 Decontamination Booth

Heated eye/face wash and shower booth supplies tempered water for flushing during emergency situations in all-weather conditions. Includes AXION MSR™ eye/face wash and showerhead, drench hose assembly, and alarm system.

8780 Skid-Mounted Tempering System

Tempering system designed to supply tempered water to either showers or eyewashes. Comes equipped with a water heater and mixing valve for installation in non-freezing environments.

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