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Pulse conditioner for flowmeters


Turbine flowmeters, tachometers, and power frequency monitoring are served by new JH2376 pulse conditioners.

Alloy-C ball valves


Series HBV Alloy-C ball valves now incorporate several design features for improved performance.

Program monitors valve actuators


Flowserve ValveSight for Limitorque MX/QX smart electric actuators is newly released.

Pulse-free metering pumps out


Pulse-free fluid delivery and receiving are yours in the lab with Quizix QX metering pumps.

Gas, liquid metering flow computers out


They simultaneously handle up to 10 individual streams and have increased port capacity to reduce multi-stream custody transfer metering complexity and cost.

API 618 gas compressors line expanded


This process gas compressor API 618 product line has been expanded for large hydrocarbon processing plants. It now covers rod loads to 335,000 lb / 1,500-kN and up to 42,100 hp / 31,000 kW.

High-temp/pressure/abrasive surface ball valves

02/28/2011 New M-series metal seat ball valves incorporate specially coated matched balls and seats to withstand -20° to +661°F., ANSI class 600 pressures, and abrasive materials in oil/gas and chemical operations. Valve ball and seat materials inclu...

New modeling/optimization refinery software out


SimSci-Esscor ROMeo refinery software is newly announced to “enable refinery-wide process modeling and optimization.”

Mud pump pressure relief valve system unveiled


PRV MAX Power Relief Valve systems are announced to reduce man-hours and rig downtime associated with mud pump relief valves and systems operation and maintenance.

Temp, Pressure, Flow Products

02/16/2011 CONTROLCAT NEW HORIZONS Catalog offers 150-plus pages on state-of-the-art temperature, pressure, and flow products. It offers seven sections on automation, temperature, electric heaters, wireless/data acquisition, pressure/strain/force, flow/level...

Instruments and Support Products

9201EW Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Thermostatic mixing valve mixes hot and cold water to supply tempered water to emergency eye/face wash fixtures requiring flow up to 10 GPM (37.9 LPM). CSA Certified to ASSE.

8710 Decontamination Booth

Heated eye/face wash and shower booth supplies tempered water for flushing during emergency situations in all-weather conditions. Includes AXION MSR™ eye/face wash and showerhead, drench hose assembly, and alarm system.

8780 Skid-Mounted Tempering System

Tempering system designed to supply tempered water to either showers or eyewashes. Comes equipped with a water heater and mixing valve for installation in non-freezing environments.

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