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600-page instrumentation, control catalog


Offered free in print and on CD is this new 2011 Instrumentation & Control Catalog.

New MS-response transmitters


Redesigned JH5000 DIN-rail process transmitters deliver millisecond response (95% complete) while maintaining full accuracy specs. Both faster and slower response are readily available on special order.

Temp, pressure, flow products

11/01/2010 DILBERT Controlcat New Horizons catalog 28 offers 150 pages and seven sections of automation, temperature, pressure, strain, force, wireless, data acquisition, flow, level, and environmental products. These include circular chart recorders, wirele...

New platform collects, shares operational data seamlessly across the oil and gas enterprise


CygNet Enterprise Operations Platform EOP 7.3 is announced “for the collection and sharing of operational data seamlessly across the oil and gas enterprise.”

Subsea-applicable integrated valve, actuator is new


A Fasani slab gate valve and Biffi hydraulic linear fail-safe actuator were developed together to create this new integrated subsea valve and actuator. The design eliminates the need for adaptors.

NMi-certified volume provers


Calibron small volume provers have been globally certified by the NMi, national metrology institute of The Netherlands. This verifies the prover’s accuracy for custody transfer meter proving.

Program builds process analyzer, sample-handling systems

11/01/2010 Swagelok MPC Configurator is updated to make it easy to develop complete process analyzer and sample-handling systems. It provides engineers an interactive tool to build and assemble ANSI/ISA 76.00.02-compliant miniature modular design prior to th...

Intrinsically safe transmitters


Silicon-on-Sapphire (S.O.S) pressure sensing technology is integrated into a line of intrinsically safe transmitters like this.

1,800-in.-lb torquing electric actuators


RCS Sure 150 electric spring-return actuators output 1,800-in.-lb torque on larger quarter-turn valves.

The Many Faces of Fire Hazards and Fire Damage in Industrial Settings

11/01/2010 Fire and explosion accidents are of major concern to the owners and operators of refineries and petrochemical, gas processing, terminal and offshore facilities. Statistics have shown that the majority of monetary loss in these types of complexes i...

Instruments and Support Products

9201EW Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Thermostatic mixing valve mixes hot and cold water to supply tempered water to emergency eye/face wash fixtures requiring flow up to 10 GPM (37.9 LPM). CSA Certified to ASSE.

8710 Decontamination Booth

Heated eye/face wash and shower booth supplies tempered water for flushing during emergency situations in all-weather conditions. Includes AXION MSR™ eye/face wash and showerhead, drench hose assembly, and alarm system.

8780 Skid-Mounted Tempering System

Tempering system designed to supply tempered water to either showers or eyewashes. Comes equipped with a water heater and mixing valve for installation in non-freezing environments.

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