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Flow Rate

Flow Rate news and technical articles from OGPE magazine. Search Flow Rate latest and archived news and articles

  1. Thermal mass flow meters measure natural gas rate

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 29 Dec 2014

    Instruments Incorporated >> Model FT3 thermal mass flow meters are among one manufacturer's broad technology range to measure gas flow rate . It is shown here in Colorado at a remote configuration on the fuel line to multiple combustors. Thermal mass flow technology

  2. Midstream compressors sustain CO2

    Magazine Articles

    Fri, 5 Dec 2014

    In 2009, Siemens delivered CO 2 compressors with a volume flow rate of 83,000 m³/h and five coal gasifiers, each with a ..... each of which has six stages, are designed for a CO 2 volume flow rate of about 141, 000 m³/h, allowing these new units to

  1. Maintenance services tank cleaning system

    Magazine Articles

    Wed, 6 Aug 2014

    remove solids from tank walls. No cleaning agents are needed in most cases. Among tank cleaning system specifics are 37-gpm flow rate , 33-gpm filter rate, and pressure cleaning rate of 30 gpm at 75 psi. Maximum tank diameter is 18 ft with particle filtration

  2. Frac water conditioning pretreatment

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 5 Aug 2014

    patent pending system is a pass-through unit. It's connected on the incoming supply line to your frac tank row with no flow rate limitations. With the services, you can transfer incoming water at any needed rate. Line sizes are customizable. Among

  3. Software tools configure upstream LACT custody transfer

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 4 Aug 2014

    other tank storage - as they monitor and sample sediment and water. They also eliminate air or gas from liquid, measure volume of liquid going through the unit, plus maintain constant back pressure and flow rate . More Software Products >>

  4. Programming software for flow rate /totalizers


    Tue, 24 Jun 2014

    Precision Digital Corporation: At this 2014 ILTA, MeterView EX programming software will be showcased for Vantageview PD6730 and ProtEX PD 6830 pulse input flow rate / totalizers . Continue reading>> << PREV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 NEXT>>

  5. Downstream flow, level, temp, pressure instruments

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 23 Jun 2014

    s new" section 18 instruments are presented including Vantageview field-mount process meter, field-mount analog input flow rate /totalizer, ScanView PC programming software, ProtEX-MAX feet and inches Modbus scanner with built-in RS485, and ProVu

  6. Upstream mud logging emissions aiding flow meters

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 23 Jun 2014

    500°F (10 to 260°C). The gas flow rate was 23 to 1200 SCFM (0.65 to 34 NCMM ..... which allows the LCD display to show mass flow rate and totalized mass flow. FCI's thermal ..... temperature differential relative to the gas flow rate . The ST100 meter can be factory calibrated

  7. Subsea flow meters eliminate algorithm complexity

    Magazine Articles

    Sat, 21 Jun 2014

    accuracy via direct flow measurement output. This lowers cost and enhances well production, notes the manufacturer. Accurate flow rate measuring requires differential pressure, pressure, and temperature. FloCalculator within this digital flow meter produces

  8. Flow rate /totalizer programming software developed

    Magazine Articles

    Wed, 4 Jun 2014

    this 2014 ILTA, MeterView EX programming software will be showcased for Vantageview PD6730 and ProtEX PD 6830 pulse input flow rate / totalizers . It provides plant operators with full control of the meter configuration process using an intuitive layout plus