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Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment

The 2018 OG&PE Media Kit

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PennWell Petroleum’s Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment brand helps you effectively target, reach, and sell your equipment, products, systems, and services. Bottom line: We deliver top-quality sales leads and web traffic.

Since 1954, OG&PE remains the oil industry’s only all-products-and-services print/online brand. We deliver access to 130,000+ upstream, midstream, and downstream petroleum professionals plus thousands of online users — global buyers, specifiers, and purchasing decision-makers.

Our first-Monday-of-each-month OG&PE magazine as Oil & Gas Journal’s product section leverages the 100+ year prestige and heritage of the oil industry’s longest publishing magazine as we reach the global petroleum industry.

Our print, online, and digital portfolio includes monthly magazines, Equip-Alert eNewsletters, online banner advertising, webcasts, video product introductions / showcases, and email list rental.

OG&PE and OGPE.com engage global buyers and specifiers to provide you more leads, more traffic, and more sales.


North America:

  Edward J. Tiscornia
  Sales Manager, OG&PE          
  tel & fax: 201-264-7107

United Kingdom, Scandanavia, The Netherlands, The Middle East:

  Graham Hoyle
  +44 1934 733 871

France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Southern Switzerland:

  Stefy Piciotti Thompson
  +33 0 4 94 70 82 63

Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia:

  Andreas & Wilhelm Sicking
  +49 0290 333 8570



  Filippo Silvera
  +39 02 28 46716


  Masaki  Mori
  +81 3 3556 1575

  Manami  Konishi

Singapore, Asia Pacific, Australasia:

  Michael  Yee
  +65 6737 2356