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OG&PE magazine, OGPE.com, and weekly Equip-Alert e-Newsletter announce more new products and services than any other in petroleum media. The brand generates top-quality sales leads and inquiries from qualified petroleum industry professionals. These are the purchasing decision-makers throughout the multibillion dollar Oil & Gas Equipment and Services Marketplace.

In May 2015, OG&PE’s 37,000 subscriber base expanded to 133,000 as OG&PE merged to be a permanent monthly section of Oil & Gas Journal. The full announcement is here for you to read.

OGPE.com and our weekly e-Newsletter (48,000 circulation) remain intact. The brand reaches and engages a great audience of engineers, operating managers, superintendents, supervisors, and plant or field foremen. Now with the Oil & Gas Journal merger, the audience expands to include top integrated oil company executives and management throughout onshore and offshore oil, gas, and petrochemical operations. These are all OG&PE ‘customers’ we serve with our “What’s New” information on equipment, products, systems, and services.

Our “clients” are manufacturers and service providers. They invest their media and partner with the OG&PE brand to inform, target, engage, and sell their specialties.

Since 1910, PennWell Corporation’s Petroleum Group has been the industry communication leader for news, technology, analysis, and new products to the worldwide oil and gas industry. Along with OG&PE and Oil & Gas Journal, other authoritative PennWell brands include: Offshore Magazine, Oil & Gas Financial Journal, The Unconventional Oil & Gas Report, MapSearch, EnVision, as well as PennEnergy news and research in conjunction with Oil & Gas Journal.

Editorial & Sales

J.B. Avants - Editor
Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment

North America:

  Edward J. Tiscornia
  Sales Manager, OG&PE          
  tel & fax: 201-264-7107

United Kingdom, Scandanavia, The Netherlands, The Middle East:

  Graham Hoyle
  +44 1934 733 871

France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Southern Switzerland:

  Stefy Piciotti Thompson
  +33 0 4 94 70 82 63

Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia:

  Andreas & Wilhelm Sicking
  +49 0290 333 8570



  Filippo Silvera
  +39 02 28 46716


  Masaki  Mori
  +81 3 3556 1575

  Manami  Konishi

Singapore, Asia Pacific, Australasia:

  Michael  Yee
  +65 6737 2356

The 2018 OG&PE Media Kit

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PennWell Petroleum’s Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment brand helps you effectively target, reach, and sell your equipment, products, systems, and services. Bottom line: We deliver top-quality sales leads and web traffic.

Since 1954, OG&PE remains the oil industry’s only all-products-and-services print/online brand. We deliver access to 130,000+ upstream, midstream, and downstream petroleum professionals plus thousands of online users — global buyers, specifiers, and purchasing decision-makers.

Our first-Monday-of-each-month OG&PE magazine as Oil & Gas Journal’s product section leverages the 100+ year prestige and heritage of the oil industry’s longest publishing magazine as we reach the global petroleum industry.

Our print, online, and digital portfolio includes monthly magazines, Equip-Alert eNewsletters, online banner advertising, webcasts, video product introductions / showcases, and email list rental.

OG&PE and OGPE.com engage global buyers and specifiers to provide you more leads, more traffic, and more sales.


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