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Offshore production and support services

This international offshore energy facilities and services provider offers a free pamphlet on its presence in more than 17 countries across five continents with over 2,000 people from 35 nationalities.

Gas detection controller now CSA certified

06/06/2018 Oldham MX 32 gas detection controller has been certified by Canadian Standards Association to carry its mark of approval.

Corrosion protection technologies, solutions

06/06/2018 Pipeline companies that deliver corrosion protection services, technologies, and solutions are described in this free 16-page illustrated brochure .

Controlled bolting catalog

06/06/2018 This 56-page Controlled Bolting Catalog is yours free upon request.

Remote, deployable satellite communications

06/06/2018 Critical global communications coverage — regardless of terrain or remote location — is delivered by Thales MissionLINK satellite communications.

Non-nitrogen-based formulation = Hydrogen Sulfide scavenging — without phase separation upsets

06/06/2018 A new version of PROSOLV HS scavenges sour gas from oil and gas production streams. Its non-amined-based chemistry promotes cleaner process without precipitation for smooth separation process and flow assurance.

Patented tamperproof cyberattack security

06/06/2018 Xage for Energy is announced to incorporate new patented, tamperproof fingerprinting technology.

H2S-detecting smart watch launched at OTC

06/06/2018 Introduced at OTC as “the world’s first Swiss watch specifically designed for the oil and gas industry,” this Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detecting Smart Watch.

Upstream oil and gas services group

06/04/2018 “Next generation oilfield solutions” are offered by this company’s complementary businesses, declares a free brochure on upstream oil and gas services.