More Maintenance Products

IIoT optimizes recip machinery performance

03/08/2018 Spotlight Monitoring System is introduced as "an automated, real-time solution that leverages IIoT principles to deliver insights into the health and performance of critical assets."

On-platform, portable training simulator unveiled

03/08/2018 New "On the Rig" portable work-site training simulator package is announced to improve safety and operational efficiency. It comprises flexible, multi-discipline training modules for comprehensive worker training/development/assessment.

Rechargeable-battery-powered torque wrenches

03/08/2018 VOLTA torque wrenches are new and powered by a Lithium Ion 6.2 Ah rechargeable battery.

Fluid contamination control products info

03/01/2018 Products, support, and solutions for fluid contamination under control highlight this free 12-page filter elements and filter assemblies brochure.

Air compressor services, products literature

03/01/2018 A broad range of air compressor services and products are highlighted in this free datasheet.

Square drive torque wrenches new, designed for safety in working-at-height

02/21/2018 DSX Square Drive Torque Wrench incorporates patented safety features for protection in working-at-height duties.

Oil conditioning solutions

02/21/2018 ULTIDRI membrane technology showcased in this free datasheet removes water from oil without high capital and operational costs associated with traditional vacuum dehydration equipment.

Encapsulated transformers deliver capacity required for larger loads

02/15/2018 New SolaHD floor mount automation transformers provide capacity required for larger loads in a single unit.

Oil & gas well-applicable check valves

02/15/2018 Zero leak check valves in new configurations are designed for both oil and gas wells.

Heavy-duty 150-lb gate, globe, swing check valves expand product line

02/15/2018 In expansion of this manufacturer’s line: 150-lb cast steel flanged gate, globe, and swing check valves are on the market.
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