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On-platform, portable training simulator unveiled

Mar 8, 2018 New "On the Rig" portable work-site training simulator package is announced to improve safety and operational efficiency. It comprises flexible, multi-discipline training modules for comprehensive ...

Rechargeable-battery-powered torque wrenches

Mar 8, 2018 VOLTA torque wrenches are new and powered by a Lithium Ion 6.2 Ah rechargeable battery.

New OBM-Compatible LWD Borehole Imager, Caliper, and Drilling-Dynamics-Monitor

Mar 1, 2018 FracView provides E&P Operators with a low-cost, high-resolution borehole imaging and caliper solution while drilling with either OBM or WBM.

Safety industrial breakaway coupling unveiled

Mar 1, 2018 Flowbreak breakaway coupling activates in such emergencies as drive-off or extreme pressure flow.

Square drive torque wrenches new, designed for safety in working-at-height

Feb 21, 2018 DSX Square Drive Torque Wrench incorporates patented safety features for protection in working-at-height duties.

Dissolvable/disintegrating frac balls, plugs

Feb 15, 2018 Longer laterals, accelerated completion times, and simplified completion operations are aided and enhanced with TervAlloy frac balls and plugs.

New milling tool accesses restricted wells, drilling through stuck gate valves, blockages

Feb 8, 2018 Well-Centric Gate Valve Milling Tool is newly introduced to provide access to restricted onshore or offshore wells by drilling through stuck gate valves or other blockages.

Hazardous, high-temp fluids bag filter housing accomplishes in-line filtration

Feb 7, 2018 Effective, safe in-line hazardous or high-temperature fluids filtration is achieved with new 86B Series bag filter housing.

Aromatic fractionation filtration applications data

Feb 1, 2018 This free datasheet highlights optimum aromatic fractionation (BTX extraction) filtration.

New casing gas separators 'alter efficiency,' improve gas handling

Feb 1, 2018 Patented Casing Gas Separators are new, safe-to-run, low-risk, efficiency-altering tools to "vastly improve gas handling in many forms of artificial lift."
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